About us

Modell- und Formenbau Pape was founded in 1955 in Braunschweig by model constructor foreman Otto Pape as a company for foundry model construction.

Our customers appreciate us as a reliable partner based on our experiences of the last 50 years and the thereof continuously more sophisticated working and organization structures.

We are a modern company uniting tradition and technology with innovative know-how. Continuous development and investments accompanied with flexible acting guarantee customer-oriented processing of orders.

Modell- und Formenbau PAPE - corporate building

Our core competences are:

  • CAD-construction and programming
  • CNC-milling up to X 4000 Y 3000 Z 1250
  • Foundry model construction
  • Mould and tool construction
  • Fixtures and gauge construction
  • Design and prototype construction
  • 3-D-measuring

Demonstrating our expectations to construction and quality our working processes are certified periodically by DIN ISO 9001:2000 since 1998. This shows our commitment to products with highest fineness and precision guaranteed by a well-practiced team of committed and cautious employees accompanied by a high-value network, hard and software technology.